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Designing a smart approach to systems integration in any environment requires expert knowledge of how each system communicates with each other, thorough knowledge of devices and applications, and the best approach to achieving the overall objective for the project. TechPoint1 prides itself on providing our clients with professional high-quality service and products that they will be able to enjoy now and for the years to come.

Boardrooms/ Meeting rooms/ Classrooms/ Auditoriums


Today’s boardroom is an integrated, inter operable collaboration area where large space and communication tools are key. Boost your productivity and save time by incorporating seamless audio-video conferencing into your workplace environment using cloud-based integration. Smart board/interactive whiteboards and Video wall technology is designed to enhance education and business decision making by giving users a visually large and interactive canvas. Let us help you maximize your investment year-round by making the most of the space that you have by converting your boardroom into a multipurpose environment.


Restaurant/ Bar


Food and beverage quality is key but incorporating automated technology can help ensure that your guests have a memorable experience that will keep them coming back. TechPoint1 can help you improve customer service from providing a high quality entertainment system with multiple HD TVs and/or displays, a quality sound system, lighting & shading control and more, at the touch of a finger. We can help you protect your establishment as well as provide a sense of security for your customers by strategically installing quality surveillance cameras on your property

Interior of Restaurant
Fancy Bar

Professional Office


Going beyond the board room, Smart technology can help you improve business operations that enable you to run your company more efficiently by allowing you one-touch control of your working environment. 



When it comes to marketing your retail products you want your customers to linger in the store as long as possible. Lighting and music can play a big role in helping set the mood. In addition to having the right atmosphere items such as strategically placed display boards can engage shoppers stimulating more purchasing. Of course having the right surveillance cameras are paramount when it comes to security and safety. 

Shopping Mall Escalators

House of worship


Audiovisuals are key today in helping churches stay relevant so that they can relay the right message to their congregation. Having the right video display and sound system will help make the biggest impact. Most churches use tools such as PowerPoint and video presentations for bringing home the message. Cameras and sound equipment are used for conducting and video taping services. Music is a huge part of the service so it’s very important that the musicians are heard loud and clear with the help of the right microphone and loudspeaker system. Having lighting ans shading is also very important in setting the atmosphere. TechPoint1 can help you tie all these things together by helping you design and create the best automated system that your budget will allow. 

Church Windows
Praying in Mosque
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