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Have total control over your entire home environment at your fingertips by letting us help you integrate it all into one easily managed system by combining your heating and air, lighting, audio/video, security and more. Not only will you have one consistent, intuitive and attractive user interface for all subsystems, it is now possible to have that smart home that really works for you! For example, one touch of a programmed “Welcome” button as you arrive home conveniently illuminates high traffic areas, adjusts the temperature to a comfortable 72 degrees, starts your favorite playlist in the kitchen and turns on the kids show in the family room.




Conveniently manage and monitor HVAC systems through programmed keypads, wireless thermostats and control apps for Apple® iOS devices. As part of a complete control and energy management system, you can enjoy a wireless thermostat and remote sensors that allow for resourceful automated temperature management that can help to lower utility costs and maximize energy efficiency throughout your home. A complete home environmental system also allows users to quickly create their own climate schedules based on time of day, month of year or annual events including season change, temperature and humidity. You can add style and convenience with contemporary automated lighting and shading designed to look and work beautifully to enhance any home. 



The technology for security has advanced in ways that allow you to protect the outside of your home almost as securely as the inside. Security systems will guard your home from unwanted intrusion by triggering alarms and alerting you on your cell phone as well as a central monitoring system. Security systems will also automatically detect for smoke, fire or water leaks. You can even monitor your home while you are away.

Having an enjoyable and affordable entertainment system for your home is something everyone thinks about. Music is principle in setting a mood or entertaining guests in your home, using speakers in the kitchen, dining room, patio, media room etc. A home audio system should be intuitive, elegant and simple. Advancement in audio equipment technology allows for discrete installation into a new or existing residence. TechPoint1 retains exceptional audiophile standards when designing or implementing any distributed audio system.


High definition television sets located through your house can have access to remotely located HD sources. So whether you are in the master bedroom, the kitchen or on the terrace you can watch more high definition content without needing a cable or satellite box for each and every TV. Any HD video source that you can have on one TV can easily be distributed to any television in your house, such as a BluRay player, an AppleTV, video server, etc.




Whether it is turning off the basement lights from your bed upstairs or if you want orange and blue lighting for the Bears game, we can create an easy to use lighting controller for you. Save on energy costs by utilizing lighting control. Lighting control is not limited to light bulbs, but also includes motorized shades which can be easily scheduled and adjusted. 


experience it yourself in our experience center by appointment

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